Timely and regular care for your real estate secures its attractivity

Building maintenance is usually the least fun task and tends to be a rather large investment.

Regular audits of the state of the building and its regular maintenance have a major influence on its longevity as well as on containment of its inhabitants or visitors.

Regular scheduled building maintenance saves na Vaší nemovitosti ušetříte you a lot of money, expands its lifespan and secures your investment.

Turnkey sports facilities construction

Sports facilities maintenance

Reconstruction of flats and offices at Národní 21

Reconstruction of the roof at Národní 21

Repair of decoratory elements in the City Bell hotel lobby

Reconstruction of terrazzo tiles


We will take care of your real estate

We are ready to take care of all kinds of repairs in buildings and apartments – ranging from the most simple to very sophisticated ones, interior tech-gear repairs, reconstructions or laying new floor covering.

We provide drywall services such as tiling walls and ceilings, building dividers, shelves, suspended ceilings as well as other drywall constructions.

We can also cope with any minor building works such as applying stucco, plaster remediation, tiling, paving, renovation of flat cores and last but not least, expert locksmith works.

Additional maintenance works

  • interior reconstructions including drywall related jobs and painting
  • reconstructions or laying new floor coveringn
  • repairs of water, gas and electricity distribution grids
  • painting tin roofs and eaves
  • building protection against birds
  • expansion joints repairs
  • interior tech-gear repairs
  • floor cleaning and polishing
  • locksmith jobs
  • chimney audit and repairs

Cleaning decorative elements of the Italian Chapel in Prague

Cleaning of outer tiling


Modern technologies save your budget

We are licensed for using drones for quick assessment of a state of a building. It enables us to reach the desired spot in a fast and effective way. We also use it to check the state and quality of the finished job.

Accessing a building using ropes also saves considerable amounts of money, especially for transport, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding and temporary claiming of the building surroundings.

Besides cleaning facades, we also offer hand washing of any glass and smooth areas, window washing, both regular and rooftop ones, cleaning both outdoor and indoor blinds, and last but not least painting tinsmith's elements in any height.

Repairing balconies

Eaves painting at the apartment building U Křížku 6


Why seek out an expert?

To function properly, the facade has to be made well, well using proper construction materials in the right combination. As the facade usually makes up a large part of the total budget, it is worth calling in experts when it comes to both primary production and repairs. It does come much cheaper in a long run.

Our experts come with long term experience in the field, are reliable and have accomplished a number of both minor and large-scale projects. We are able to tackle any out of the ordinary requests that might appear, while finding a reasonably priced solution thus saving you money.

Facade reconstruction

A facade is a significant element of every building. It represents the building. It is both functional and an aesthetic element. As it is always and majorly affected by its environment, it needs to be able to endurethe sun, frost, rain, snow and vast temperature changes coming along with those.

Correct and timely maintenance saves the owner considerable means for heating and prevents potential damage done by leaking.

The most common defects include damage to the protection layer, damage of isolation around windows, expansion joints and tinned areas. If repair is stalled, weather can induce leaking, which can induce even greater damage, a nemusí pak zůstat pouze u fasády. Even seemingly tiny damage can turn into a huge one if left unattended.

Facade cleaning

We provide a large spectrum of aerial works including cleaning facades.

Regular facade maintenance and its cleaning is an efficient investment into your property. A revitalized appearance is both more attractive and profitable.

Facades suffer especially in centers of big cities where pollution causes a lot of dirt destroying the building´s surface.

Cleaning your facade does make a difference!

Facade renovation at Pařížská 9

Facade repair and painting at M. Horákové 21

Facade repair - villa V Cibulkách 21

Facade cleaning


We are licensed for using drones for quick assessment of a state of a building.

It enables us to reach the desired spot in a fast and effective way.

We use it to check the state and quality of a finished job.


Commercial appliances and chimney audits

Appliances audits are done according to ČSN 331600 ed.2 norm. Running appliances is bound to follow norms as stated in the law nr.262/2006 Coll.., the Labor Code as well as the follow up law nr. 306/2006 Coll., covering additional conditions for proper safety and health regulations at work.

As stated in par.101, article 1 of the Labor Code, the employer is bound to secure safety and health protection of their employees at work with regards to potential risks of endangering their life or health while they are at work.

If the above is not complied with, the control body (the labor inspectorate) may impose a fine up to 2.000.000, - CZK as stated in the law nr.: 251/2005 Coll.


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