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Reconstruction of balconies in Koulová st.
Repair of the dilapidated state of the ledge

Facade cleaning for Pozemni stavby co.
Gym floor cleaning at Olešská elementary school

Reconstruction of apartments and commercial premises at Národní 21
Cleaning facades and sunshades for Gucci and Cartier boutiques in Pařížská st.

Construction of a mobile carwash, including air conditioning, waste water removal system and lighting system by Phillip
Facade cleaning and painting, M. Horákové 21 - Facade cleaning - Kooperativa, Na poříčí st.


Repairing the yard facade, reconstructing balconies

Inspection day 3. 7. 2017

  • a former bars steel anchor removed from the jamb
  • a thermal insulation of the window on the first floor redone
  • balcony walls repaired
  • windows puttied

Inspection day 3. 7. 2017

  • facade cleaning and repairing
  • replacing old window sills with new ones
  • bricking balcony walls
  • puttying windows

Inspection day 12. 7. 2017

  • finishing fitting new window sills and covering them against damage
  • applying facade penetration
  • covering openings on balconies

Inspection day 17. 7. 2017

  • final layer of facade paint
  • fitting new balcony doors and fanlights

Inspection day 21. 7. 2017

  • prep work of the balcony surface
  • hydroisolation
  • mounting drainpipes

Inspection day 26. 7. 2017

  • laying tiles on balconies
  • neatening dividers and scuntions

Inspection day 7. - 29. 8. 2017

  • dismounting the scaffolding
  • subsequent neatening the facade

7. - 29. 8. 2017

  • anchoring galvanized railings
  • mounting nets against pigeons

Extra work

  • cleaning and painting gutters

Extra work

  • local repairs of the gable wall
  • replacing the skylight covers

Extra work

  • mounting missing metal sheets

Extra work

  • mounting a new drainpipe, aplastic drain point, a double non-return valve, drain tubing and geotextile isolation

Reconstruction finished 5. 9. 2017